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how late can you buy a mega millions ticket

how late can you buy a mega millions ticket

Do you want a chance at winning the third largest ever Mega Millions tickets? If so, you will want to go purchase a ticket or two before the drawing that’s set to take spot at 11 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

how late can you buy a mega millions ticket?

The jackpot has jumped up to$ 810 million — cash worth of$470.1 million. That is surely not chump change in the moment’s economy.

Mega Millions of tickets are sold out for$ 2 and you can add the” Megaplier” for another$ 1. The Megaplier can near into play if you win an anon-jackpot treasure. For reference, ticket-holders in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York who won in the delineation last Friday and bought the add-on saw their winning prizes go from$ 1 million to$ 3 million as a result.

therefore, what are the odds you win the jackpot? It’s about 1 in 303 million circumstances, according to Mega Millions.
Still, tune in tonight to see if you drew the lucky figures If those sound like odds you want to take.

how to play mega millionshow late can you buy a mega millions ticket?

how to play mega millions

Partaking in Mega Millions isn’t tricky at all. Players have the option of buying tickets either online or in merchandisers authorized by the Lottery. You may view the most recent Mega Millions winning figures below, as easily as purchase tickets for forthcoming drawings. However, you can partake in the Mega Millions lottery, If you’re at least 18 times old.

how do you play mega millions

Mega Millions ® tickets bring$2.00 per play.

Players that are playing may pick up six figures from two different pools of figures- five different figures from 1 to 70( the white balls) and one number from 1 to 25( the gold Mega Ball)- or choose Easy Pick/ Quick Pick. You will win the jackpot by matching all six winning figures in a lineup.
Until any other further notice, the starting jackpot will vary grounded on deals and will be blazoned before each delineation.

There are a sum total of nine ways to win a prize in Mega Millions, classifying from the jackpot down to$ 2

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