Pakistan has been ranked 94th in terms of Passport Strenght and Value among all nations of the World. Meanwhile, Pakistan is at the 4th minimum rank among all nations.

United Arab Emirates UAE is at the top of the list of utmost powerful passports. This list has been published by Arton Capital. India is at 69th position in the passport ranking which is 25 Points high than Pakistan.

Germany Sweden and multiple other countries are ranked as 2nd topmost strong passports. Malaysia is in 9th Rank in passports rankings. Israel country Passport is the 17th best in the world. Turkey gets the 38th position in this race.

Qatar got 45th position in passport worth while Kuwait is 47th. Saudia Arabi and Oman participate the slot of 54th rank. China remained in 59th position in passport worths.  

Pakistan is 94th from the top and on 4th from the lowermost list. 3rd Lowest passport worth is in Iraq. Syria is 2nd smallest worth country in passport worth and Afghanistan is at the 1st outmost bottom with 97th Ranking from the top.

So there are simply 3 countries below Pakistan. While India is making better progression. And the Bangladesh country which is established in 1971 is in 92nd Ranking at the top.

According to the list published by Arton Capital, a Pakistani passport only authorizations tour to 44 countries without a visa. still, the passport of the UAE has been announced the most important across the world.

UAE citizens can tour to 180 countries without a visa. nationals of other countries, including the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and other countries don’t need a visa to travel 173 countries.

Also, the people of the US, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, New Zealand, Portugal and Norway can tour to 172 countries without a visa.

With current trip restrictions in place, Russia doesn’t form an appearance until 35th on the list– slipping one position since 2021– with visa-free access to 122 destinations. Ukraine kept up its position at 20th, but it increased its visa-free access to 144 destinations from 127 in 2021.