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3 Holidays in a Week and Work From Home in Punjab

3 Holidays in a Week and Work From Home in Punjab

We know that very well that Contineously increase in smog in the city of Lahore , and Government of Punjab failure to contain smog, Know the Lahore High Court shows serious concernes while hearing many of petitions against the prevailing smog in the Punjab province.

During the hearing in the Lahore High Court bench they have hinted a 3 holidays in a week in all public sectors and private schools and colleges in the Punjab Province.

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Lahore High Court Judge , Justice Shahid Kareem said on the court that it not seems that Government of Punjab is not serious about strict measures to curb smog in the Punjab Province.

The Lahore High Cout bench also considered to ordering a manadatory work from home rule( WFH) for all private public sectors organizations in the Punjab province. The Lahore High Court is considering to take meausres to prevent the citizens from the illness that was cause due to smog.

Justice Shahid also instructed the lawyers to consult to the relevant provincial ministries regarding the closure of educational institutes and private sectors and work form home for all sectors and inform the High court on the next hearing of bench.

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Lahore High Court bench also emphasized that Government of Punjab must take serious measures and hire International enviornmentalist to contain the smog situation occuring in the Punjab Province. The issue of smog is increasing by every years and years , and previous Punjab Government also did not take important measures about the smog.

If the Punjab Government concerned with the authorities and also ministries agree upon Lahore High Court conisderations , then it would expected that there is going to 3 days weekly holidays in all educational institutions and Public sectors across the Punjab Province and work from home policy will be implemented in public and private sectors.

Smog issue in Punjab province is getting worst and worst from the last few years. The main causes of the somg in the Punjab is Nitrogen oxides from car exhaust ,coal power plants and crop burning by farmers. lahore city is the main city in Pakistan effected heavily by smog in the country.

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3 Holidays in a Week and Work From Home in Punjab

3 Holidays in a Week and Work From Home in Punjab



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